About us

Who we are: 

       Established in 1993, CSM, Chinland Stone & Masonry, now has developed into alab team with designing studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and producing  workshops in China. We seldom produce on base of otherís sample or design so we could guarantee that our products are all special, if not unique.
     With years of experiences our designers not only are artists but also engineers who always know the unity of art and technique. In fact before we start to produce products our work used to be designing and experiments for clients. Eventually we found some producers were not able to realize our design. They sometimes changed some details to make the production easier and less costly. We therefore have to inspect the would-be factories in advance. Finally we become part of the factories and take control important workshops.

           The Integrated Masonry Plate (I.M.P.), which we invent and own patent right, has totally revolutionized the masonry work. From now on people may do masonry work with a wrench, screws and screw-drivers instead of mortar. Everyone can be a masonry builder.

What we do:
    We design and produce (1)granite and masonry barbecue islands, (2)masonry water ornaments, (3)masonry mantelpiece  and reproducde (4)antique marble furniture. Creatively we have revolutionized the masonry work by the invention of the I.M.P ( Integrated Masonry Plates), From now on, masonry work could be done by means of  wrench and screws, so cement, sand and water become historical materials in our masonry work. 

Why our products:

        (1)Host and hostess stay together with guests when having meal in family.
        Having meal together with your beloved always brings one of the most pleasurable sensations.  When you are having meal with friends you or your wife, sometimes both of you, will have to be busy in the kitchen while all the others are staying somewhere else. This is more or less uncomfortable but inevitable. Our barbeque table will change such situation completely. Every member will stay together and every member can enjoy the fun of being a chef now and then in turns. Cooking is no longer a work but a pleasure because the cook is inside, not outside, the community.   
        (2)The best place for a barbeque is the garden, terrace or patio. Only masonry barbeque is in the harmonious style. A steel one will certainly be functioning but the  industrial machinery look of it will, more or less, spoil the natural and comfortable atmosphere of your nice terrace or garden. Metal shell grills below are merely stoves. You surely wonít stay by their side, or even wonít look at them, unless you decide to barbeque.        
    A masonry barbeque table is different. It adds natrual taste to your garden no matter it is a modern one or a classic one. You may have good time at it: reading a book, writing a letter, doing your gardening working or just chatting with friend over cup of coffee. Even looking at it though a window from inside your room may add your sweet feeling on your family: life can be good.

        (3)With our BBQ island a separate garden table is not necessary any more.
table no need

        But the traditional unpleasant stone & mortar work may frighten away people for its heavy duty and fatiguing after-work cleaning. A team of builders may stay in your back yard for a couple of weeks before they finish the construction of a masonry barbeque island. When the work is done they will leave a messy worksite behind them. That is why many people turn to those units made of metal sheets. 
        Today, the masonry work does not need to be that way. (4)Our invention of the Integrated Masonry Plate (I.M.P.) has made the assembly of a natural stone masonry kitchen desk as easy as that of other ordinery DIY table. It was unimaginable to assemble stone tiles by means of a screw driver and a spanner, without dusty cement and sand and masonry skill !  After a morning's simple screw work you have already got a beautiful natural stone garden kitchen which looks worth 20 thousand Euros.  A father and his teenaged son will be a team big enough for the assembly.     
        Such I.M.P. not only makes  BBQ islands, but also makes masonry wall or water ornaments. For further info, please visit other pages. 
   This does not only mean that the construction of a masonry work is much easier and cleaner but also means that the decomposition is equally easy and you may relocate the masonry piece. (5)You can take it along with you, like other furniture, if you move to a new house. Masonry item moves? Yes, it does, for the first time in human history!

Are there any other masonry products which have all above 5 benifits all together?

Who we serve
  • Grill stove manufacturers or sellers
  • Garden landscapers
  • Garden centres
  • Garden/Terrace decoration item sellers
  • DIY decoration item sellers
  • Stone furniture and decoration team
  • DIY fans

How the cargo is deliveredIMP
       All items of the integrated masonry plates, top&base stone slabs and special steel beams are packed in few crates, each not weighing too much, and one or two persaons are able to carry. This way of packing makes it convenient for a buyer to take them by his own cars. This will reduce more logistic cost.


About us